Saturday, March 31, 2012

-GAMES- Jump Ultimate Stars

'Jump Ultimate Stars' is 2D fighting game for the DS developed by Ganbarion and published by Nintendo. It is the sequel of the game 'Jump Super Stars', also for the DS. The game was released last November 23, 2006. There have been no plans for the game to be released outside of Japan. This is largely due to the international licensing issues for the plethora of series represented. The game boasts 305 (56 which are battle characters) from 41 different Shonen Jump manga series.

If you're a manga and anime fan, you will surely love this game. One of the most popular animes and manga; Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Death Note, Dragon Ball, Hunter X Hunter, Yu Yu Hakusho, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Rurouni Kenshin, Black Cat, Gintama, D. Gray Man, Shaman King, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Slam Dunk, Prince of Tennis, Eyeshield 21, etc, are in this game. Now you'll see Ichigo Bankai battling Naruto Kyuubi and some of you're anime dream fights. You'll definitely love this game.

The bulk of the gameplay is the use of komas ("panel" in Japanese, referring to the panel of a manga comic) that represents your charcter. Komas comes in various shapes and sizes, taking up from one to eight blocks. There are three types of komas: Battle, Support, and Helper. Battle komas are the playable characters you use in battle, they go for about 4 to 8 blocks. Support komas are characters which do damage, status and healing effects which are like assists in the game 'Marvel vs. Capcom', and they go for around 2 to 3 blocks. Helper komas are panels which boost Battle komas which go for a block. Each koma has a certain nature: Knowledge, Laughter, and Power which act like a "Rock, Paper, Scissors" way with Power beating Knowledge, Knowledge beating Laughter, and Laughter beating Power, which does more damage to the weaker type.

Top: The Battle komas fighting.
 Bottom:  Komas you use in battle
In order to K.O. opponents, you have to drain their health or knock them out of the stage. The game is similar to the fighting game series 'Super Smash Bros'. Stages of the game are like the pages from a manga comic book. You can build your own koma deck, and you can evolve komas in to a stronger koma. The game also features Wi-Fi modes if you want to fight online. 

Prepare for the epic manga battle
Personally, this is the best fighting game for the DS. I suggest it even if it isn't on English. I dare you to play this game. Any otaku out there should probably know every series. Also, if you're looking for an anime series, why not play this game to look for some? You can see dream fights of animes here. And if you think there isn't any good game for the DS... here it is. I've got to say, this is one of the games that DS owners should play before it's "too late".



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Friday, March 30, 2012

Video Blog?

Hey guys. So I was thinking last night, should we make a video blog for the site? I mean, there are some things that we could explain better when we're saying it aloud. Truth be told, I've always wanted to try it. You know... being in front of a camera, talking and looking pretty... w-wait, I'm getting ahead of myself. Seriously though, I'm really excited about this, so I think we should make one.

Wait around for updates regarding this, guys! See you around.

-Mikey McMike

Monday, March 26, 2012

-TV Series- Suits Review

"What if I told you I could consume knowledge like no one you've ever met and I've actually passed the bar?"
That's the exact line that caught my interest to watch this show.

'Suits' is a drama series starring Gabriel Macht and Patrick J. Adams. It tells the story of young man named Mike Ross (Adams) who stumbles upon a job interview for Harvard lawyers who would want to work in Pearson-Hardman, a law firm, as Harvey Specter's (Macht) associate. The only catch is, that Mike Ross doesn't have a law degree and doesn't come from Harvard... but has actually passed the bar. And, a "counter"-catch if you must, has an incredible mind, to the point that he can memorize a sheet of paper full of numbers and symbols in a single glance. Yeah. He's that good. He's hired and does cases here and there, with the usual obstacles. But the main problem is, that he doesn't have a degree and that both he and Harvey lied. But they're doing a pretty good job.

I just finished the first series that was composed of 12 episodes. The ending was one of the most gravity-defying cliffhangers that I have ever watched. Good news that they announced a second season that would be released on June this year, which would obviously pick up from where it left.

The soundtrack for the show wasn't that interesting. In fact, I barely noticed it. The only music that I remember is the opening track; Greenback Boogie by Ima Robot. That, I absolutely loved. I found it catchy and such.

The script was awesome. Truth be told, my ambition is to be a lawyer, but I only understood about 25% of what these guys were talking about. That may make me sound ignorant, but I'm not. How about you try watching this with no interest of the law at all? Let's see what happens then. Well, anyway... I found each episode very interesting. It draws me in and leaves me in awe every time they close a case. I can't believe that there are people that good! Oh wait, it's just a show... but the script is real. Meaning, that whoever thought about that, is someone that smart. So, kudos to you!

'Suits' just made it into the list of my favorite shows. And now I'm just waiting for its second season with higher hopes and expectations. I'm urging you guys to watch it! Ciao!

-Mikey McMike

Thursday, March 8, 2012

-MOVIE- The Notebook Review

"That's my sweetheart in there. Wherever she is, that's where my home is."
This line here just stuck to my mind when I watched this. I could just feel the hope coming from it.

Okay. Okay. Before we jump into any conclusions, no girl made me watch this. I just happen to pass by a friend watching this and I watched it myself. I borrowed it and watched the whole film. But in all fairness? It's a great film. So here's a short review about it.

This film was based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks of the same name which was released in 1996, with the film last 2004. The two main characters were portrayed by Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams. The movie tells the story of an old man telling another story to an old woman about two lovers and their trials (Gosling and McAdams).

First things first, the storyline. Pretty much predictable. Basic "Romeo and Juliet" concept. But this film was revamped to a "different" style. They added a "storytelling" effect with the constant twists one expects.

Its setting was in the WWII era. So you won't be able to see modern age technology. They used old kind of fashion in clothing, vintage cars, the vocabulary, and of course the scenery. It was pretty much done accurately, so no complaints here.

The soundtrack is beautiful. There was the constant playing of Chopin's Prelude Op. 28 No. 4, which fit well into the scenes, due to McAdams portraying a girl who knows how to play the piano. If I remember correctly, not a joyful melody was played here. All were melancholic with minor tunes. But I find it perfect.

So that's pretty much it. I couldn't talk about the movie that much, and I don't know why. I wish I could, I really do. I heard that it made some people cry, but I didn't, and again I don't know why. To be honest, though, it is a pretty touching movie and I could feel myself "touched" by it. So watch it. Pretty great film. Have yet to read the novel, so check out if I might make a review of it too. See ya!

-Mikey McMike

Thursday, March 1, 2012

-MOVIE- Justice League: Doom Review

"I don't belong here."
Guess who said that? It's Batman. Yup. Good 'ol Batsy being broody.

This movie is the latest among the DC Universe Animated Original Movies. It was based on 'JLA: Tower of Babel' arc penned by Mark Waid (who is currently writing Daredevil). There are a few alterations here and there, but still another wonderful movie made by DC.

The voice actors are veterans in the Animated Universe. Two of them, would of course be Kevin Conroy and Tim Daly, who voiced Batman and Superman respectively in their own animated series years ago. Susan Eisenberg also voiced Wonder Woman here, who voiced the same character in the Justice League/Unlimited series too. A hardcore fan of any of these series would sense a feeling of nostalgia when watching this. Think of it as a reunion between the "heroes".

The story is, as I said earlier, based on the 'Tower of Babel' arc in the JLA series. The arc was released back in 2000, if I remember correctly. To keep a long story short, the super-villain gets hold of the JLA's weakness and attempts to kill them. This is the basis of both the movie and the arc itself. In some parts, you need to be a comic fan (or at least know the story) to understand certain scenes. It's a fun film to watch, but it lacks the constant thrill and suspense that I find. Mostly, the film was action-packed with explosions and fight scenes here and there. More or less, the story was mediocre and didn't create much of an impact for me.

Since this is just a new movie, I'm expecting some reactions here and there all of a sudden. I have watched past DCU Animated Original Movies (namely Gotham Knight, Under the Red Hood, Superman/Batman Apocalypse) and I have like all of them. This one however was average and un-thrilling. But if you're DC fan (or at least a comic book geek), you would enjoy this movie, no matter what.

In loving memory of Dwayne McDuffie (1962-2011)

-Mikey McMike