Monday, March 26, 2012

-TV Series- Suits Review

"What if I told you I could consume knowledge like no one you've ever met and I've actually passed the bar?"
That's the exact line that caught my interest to watch this show.

'Suits' is a drama series starring Gabriel Macht and Patrick J. Adams. It tells the story of young man named Mike Ross (Adams) who stumbles upon a job interview for Harvard lawyers who would want to work in Pearson-Hardman, a law firm, as Harvey Specter's (Macht) associate. The only catch is, that Mike Ross doesn't have a law degree and doesn't come from Harvard... but has actually passed the bar. And, a "counter"-catch if you must, has an incredible mind, to the point that he can memorize a sheet of paper full of numbers and symbols in a single glance. Yeah. He's that good. He's hired and does cases here and there, with the usual obstacles. But the main problem is, that he doesn't have a degree and that both he and Harvey lied. But they're doing a pretty good job.

I just finished the first series that was composed of 12 episodes. The ending was one of the most gravity-defying cliffhangers that I have ever watched. Good news that they announced a second season that would be released on June this year, which would obviously pick up from where it left.

The soundtrack for the show wasn't that interesting. In fact, I barely noticed it. The only music that I remember is the opening track; Greenback Boogie by Ima Robot. That, I absolutely loved. I found it catchy and such.

The script was awesome. Truth be told, my ambition is to be a lawyer, but I only understood about 25% of what these guys were talking about. That may make me sound ignorant, but I'm not. How about you try watching this with no interest of the law at all? Let's see what happens then. Well, anyway... I found each episode very interesting. It draws me in and leaves me in awe every time they close a case. I can't believe that there are people that good! Oh wait, it's just a show... but the script is real. Meaning, that whoever thought about that, is someone that smart. So, kudos to you!

'Suits' just made it into the list of my favorite shows. And now I'm just waiting for its second season with higher hopes and expectations. I'm urging you guys to watch it! Ciao!

-Mikey McMike

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