Saturday, June 30, 2012

Project Genesis - CHAPTER I


            It is November 6, 2098. The world has become a wasteland filled with bandit scum and greedy, corrupt politicians. Women and their children scour the streets for food and shelter, yet instead they are murdered, raped, or sold into slavery. Gunshots and bomb explosions are heard almost everyday, thus newborns are already acquainted with the sound. Men either leave their families for wars, or just abandon them. It’s a hard time. It is hard indeed.
            World War IV had stolen the past 10 years of the lives of people. Families, along with tall buildings, perished. Guns are mere playthings to young boys, whom were recruited at the young age of 10. Once they got in the military, they never got out. They were never heard of again, probably dead due to the battles.
            But all of that is over. Endgame, as they would like to call World War IV, ended with the assassination of Mark Prince III, the dictator of the world. Everyone despised him, even his own men. He declared an all-out war with all of the countries, spreading lies to one another causing confusion and hostility among the nations for his own entertainment… watching his nations kill one another. The assassin, whom was never discovered, released confidential info known only to Mark Prince III and other associates to the public revealing the truth. Shortly after, the hostility died down and friendship among people loomed again. The worst was over… for now.
            Not all though wanted peace to be back. There were some who still wanted that power, the power to rule the world like what Mark Prince III did. They were just lurking in the shadows, waiting for their hosts and vessels to come to them.

            A resistance was formed during the years of the war. It was commonly referred to as The Resistance, as they have not named themselves publicly. They tried their best to only show the tip of their iceberg, and it never failed. The Resistance was run by a group of individuals who were unregistered in The Book, a list of people who were under the dictatorship of Mark Prince III (which was every single person in the world) may they be dead or alive. They technically do not exist.
            The topmost person among these individuals was a man called The Mask. No one knew his real name, or how he looks. His face was covered by a skin-colored cloth, and wore a black coat and tie all the time. Always would he carry his cane around as if it was his sword unsheathed. And a top hat for the finishing touch. Ominous is the feeling of everyone who would go near him. Fear grasped anyone who talked to him. His voice sounds like a man who is growing old and weak; but his physique is as a man who was at the peak of his physical abilities.
            There were around a thousand members of The Resistance. All of them had enough of the dictatorship which they have been treated. Some have even tried to go against Mark Prince III but have failed miserably, often leading to their deaths. Yes, they were desperate, but hope was always lurking within themselves.

- Mikey McMike

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