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Hey! After a loooooooooooooooooong time of not posting anything, JGP is back with a new article. Well, first of all, I want to apologize and explain why we haven't been posting anything lately. We're sorry, if we've been idle for like, a bloody century. We've been busy with school and stuff, and we had a LOT of university entrance exams that we had to take care of. Sorry for that. We mean it.~

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Now that being said, let's get this started.
Let's talk about K!! First of all, this is not exactly a review, since the entire season hasn't been leaked or streamed yet. Let's just call this a prereview. (not a sensible word, indeed.) Anyway, here we go.

K is a 2012 anime series animated by GoHands studio and directed by Shingo Suzuki. The show began airing in Japan on October 4 ,2012. And Animax Asia has also been broadcasting it at the same time as Japan.

First of all, what is the background of this show? What is it all about? For anime junkies, this question is not really important. But for people who are not that into anime but are looking for a good show, like me, this question is required as a way to determine whether or not we would want to watch the show. Well, K portrays a sort of Urban Clan-war. It's just a perfect portrayal of the modern world we live in with a battleground twist. And this is the one of the reasons why I considered watching this anime. A genius moving plot mixed with badassness, this anime is bound to make you ask for the releasing of more episodes after you've watched all the released ones.

The show features Clans represented by different colors; such as Red and Blue, that are battling for a still unknown reason. The sort of protagonist is a high school student who has seemed to have been framed for a murder of a person under the Red King's banner. Now, everyone seems to be after this innocent dude, and he gets involved in hell lot of trouble.

Anime fan or not, I RECOMMEND you to watch the series. Here's the link of the online streaming: Enjoy! Till next time guys.

- Ruich

PS. Sorry for the short post. We'll be updating you through the way.

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