Saturday, February 4, 2012

-GAMES- Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective

Hey guys, I'm gonna do another game review, this time it's 'Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective' for the DS and iOS.

'Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective' is an adventure game developed by Capcom. It was developed by Shu Takumi, creator of the Ace Attorney Series. The game won awards from GameSpot for 'Best Handheld Game' and 'Best Game No One Played'. It has been nominated for 'Best Puzzle Game' and 'Game of the Year' categories. The game also won awards for 'Best Nintendo DS Game' on GameTrailers. It is also nominated for the 'Best Story' award from the same site.

Do you believe that ghosts are real? Well in this game, ghosts are real. If you think this game is all about ghosts who scare you, you're wrong. Is it about finding ghosts and putting it in jars or just a plain detective who can solve "ghostly" cases? Well, you're close enough. You play a ghost who brings the dead back to life. That's right, you bring the dead back to life.

In this game, you play as Sissel, the main protagonist of the series who is dead from begining of the game. From the very start of the game Sissel is a ghost who has extraordinary powers which are called 'Ghost Tricks'. As a spirit, you can switch between the Land of the Living, where time runs normally, and the Ghost world where time stands till. Sissel can travel through various objects, which is represented by blue cores, as well as talk to spirits who have died which represents yellow cores. Sissel can only travel through objects with certain lengths, which means that the player will have to connect through multiple objects in order to move forward. Sissel can also possess telephones which let you listen through conversations and travel through communication lines to other areas. By interacting with a dead body, Sissel can rewind four minutes before the death of that character. The player must use 'Ghost Tricks' in order to change the victim's fate. Later in the game, you'll be able to have a partner who is also ghost with extraordinary powers which has different powers.

In the Ghost World where Sissel is using his Ghost Tricks.

What I can say about this game, the game truly deserves to be the 'Best Game'. The game gave an amusing story to gamers which, of course, they enjoyed. The story, in fact, is overwhelming and full of twists. If you manage to finish the game but didn't understand the whole story, why not repeat it again? Every chapter you finish, puzzles get harder, that is why I love this game. The story and gameplay are the main things here. Why not try and play it? You'll love the game.


'Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective' out now on iOS wherein two chapters are free.


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