Saturday, February 4, 2012

-MUSIC- Beats & Broccoli review

ALBUM: Beats & Broccoli
GENRE: Hip Hop

If you want an awesome, fresh day with lots of good vibes to lighten up the mood, then Beats & Broccoli is the right playlist for you. Wait let me rephrase that. Beats & Broccoli is the PERFECT playlist for you.

Beats & Broccoli is the first all-instrumental album by beatsmith and emcee Jed Caba aka. JedLi. The artist reps People's Future; an underground hip hop trio based in Manila, Philippines.

Beats & Broccoli boasts a collection of slick, cool beats with that light touch that doesn't make the instrumentals too heavy. Whether you're a hip hop head or not, JedLi's genius beat production skills make you feel like you're in a different world.

As I said, the beats are light, not making them too heavy or hardcore-ish or whatever. Whether you're sitting in a corner, freestyling, or just chilling, Beats & Broccoli is the thing for you. Super recommended for hip hop heads. For none hip hop heads, give it a try! For gamers, I play this on my stereo while playing video games. (Yeah it's awesome listening to music while playing video games)


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