Thursday, February 2, 2012

-MUSIC- The Hearts of Lonely People Review

"Oh, as we share this simple night, do you understand that I could never tell a lie?"
That's the first line of the third track of the EP or Extended Play of Isles & Glaciers named 'The Hearts of Lonely People'. That song is called 'Clush' and one of my two personal favorites.

To start off, what is Isles & Glaciers? Well, it's one of the many "superbands" in the world. A "superband" is a musical group (or a band, obviously) that is composed of different musicians from other groups, and usually these groups are quite famous. This "superband" has a lineup of: Craig Owens and Jonny Craig on vocals from Chiodos and Dance Gavin Dance respectively, Brian Southall on guitars from The Receving End of Sirens, Matt Goddard on bass guitar, Nick Martin on guitars, and Vic Fuentes and Mike Fuentes on guitars/vocals and drums respectively from Pierce the Veil. They, though, have officially announced that this is just a one-time project.

To begin with, the lyrics have unique and varying themes. The titles are enough to make you think what the song is about! Let me give you an example; 'Clush'. What the hell is a 'Clush'?! How about 'Hills Like White Elephants'? The first thing that comes to my mind is about hills that look like white elephants, but it's not. But, as always people have said, don't judge a book by its cover, or in this case, don't judge a song by its title. I'll be honest here, the lyrics are so well-made, that it's so complicated, yet, it still maintains its elegance and beauty. The best line I've heard the whole EP is from the last track named 'Cemetery Weather', "I need somebody crazy enough to tell me "I will love you 'til we are buried.".". Hearing that song brings me back to the days before my problems weren't around. It manages to give me happiness and sadness at the same time... but let's try not be so personal on this one.

The music is beautifully made. You can hear both natural and techno/electro instruments at the same time. The guitar wouldn't sound like a guitar, and the drums would be morphed or natural. It's like a perfect mix of heavy and relaxing melodies, which is actually pretty nice. You can hear influences of post-hardcore, especially the screams, and electro/techno in each song. Think of it as 'Owl City Meets Asking Alexandria'. The perfect mix of heavy and soft. You are going to love the catchy guitar riffs with that blend of electro beats in the background. It's so beautifully mixed. You're gonna be headbanging all over the place, and emotional at some part, since this EP is so emotional. Not to mention that it's like you're listening to one song due to each track being "connected" to each other. The music you shall hear here is just one of a kind, and I doubt that you'll find something like this in the world.

All I have to say this is one of the best EPs (or an album as I like to call it) I have ever heard. You're going to be headbanging at one point, and be emotional at the other. Yeah, this is what this EP can do. I'm just disappointed that this is a one-time project, since this group has so much potential! With my favorite band, Pierce the Veil, here, I am blessed to have heard this group and all their songs. It's like a drug, but it also brings sadness with it. This group will forever be one of my favorites and I hope you guys have a chance to listen to their EP too. Ciao.

-Mikey McMike

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