Sunday, January 29, 2012


Hey guys I'm back for another review of another MMORPG called RuneScape!
RuneScape is a free epic 3d MMORPG browser game with P2P subscription options!
For it's graphics, is not really great but consider the fact that it is a browser game so it is not really a big deal. At first players get to Lumbridge as their starting area in the world of Runescape, players get to do various activities such as woodcutting, fire making, fishing, cooking, mining, smithing and other activities which are the skills in RuneScape and they get to train it anytime they want, like cutting trees to get logs and at the same time woodcutting experience points to level up your woodcutting skill and able to cut more specific trees as you level up and after woodcutting you could either sell the logs you get to get money or even use the logs for the skill fire making so you would also be able to get firemaking experience points! For combat, it has six divisions which is attack(higher chance of hitting), strength(higher chance of hitting with a high damage), defence(lower chance of being hit), constitution(amount of hitpoints 1 level equal 10 hitpoints), magic(using spells, the higher the level the higher the chance of hitting and higher damage and use stronger spell) and range(using bows and crossbows for weapon and using arrows and bolts for ammo, the higher the level the higher chance of hitting and use stronger ammo). Players could also do quests to have more adventure through out the game and it also have mini games that you could play in the world of RuneScape!
For it's subscription options, players get extra benefits getting a larger world compared to free players! They get to train 9 more member-only skills, access to 29 minigames, 100 more quests, full screen mode, exclusive member-only equipment and one of the best aspects of being a member is getting a skill cape or cape of achievement where players could get a skill cape when they achieve the highest level of a skill for example you achieved 99 woodcutting, you are now certified to wear the cape and able to show it to the people you pass by and the first thing that will pop up in there mind is "you got 99 woodcutting!" also, skill capes has a specific emote on a specific skill!
So basically this game is more on adventure! Try it out and start your journey today!

-Blue Rose


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  2. Good post, I am a runescape newbie, your post helps me know more about the awesome game. Thanks for sharing.