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-GAMES- Super Meat Boy


Hey guys, here for a review of 'Super Meat Boy' for PC, Xbox 360, MAC, and Wii

'Super Meat Boy' is an independent video game developed by Team Meat. It is the successor of Flash Game; 'Meat Boy'. In 2010, 'Super Meat Boy' received award for 'Most Challenging Game' from IGN and 'Most Downloadable Game' from GameSpot and GameTrailers.

In this game you play as Meat Boy, a red cube-shaped character, who attempts to rescue his girlfriend, Bandage Girl, who was kidnapped by the game's antagonist, Dr. Fetus. The gameplay is characterized by fine control and split-second timing as the player reach its goal through over 300 'Levels of Doom' while avoiding obstacles.

                                          Super Meat Boy with Bandage Girl and Dr. Fetus

If you think this game is easy, well it isn't. Seriously. Super Meat Boy provides tons of challenge to gamers especially me, that makes you glued to the screen. If you did play this game believe me, you'll die a lot. Death is unavoidable in this game. Every level is easy at first but when time passes, it gets harder. The game is divided in chapters, along with 300 levels. Each level is needed to reach Meat Boy's girlfriend Bandage girl while avoiding obstacles which let you die. Player can also jump and slide through walls. Upon reaching Bandage Girl, you've reach the end of the level. The gameplay has been compared on most known platformer Super Mario Bros. and Ghost n' Goblins.

When you completed certain number of levels, you'll be able to access boss stages which you need to finish to advance to the next chapter. The player will have unlimited number of attempts to finish each level. When Meat Boy is killed, the player goes back to the start of the level. Completing a level with A+ grade unlocks a harder version of the level in the Dark World, which is an optional difficulty level. Going to a Warp Zone warps you in a bonus level with a limit of three lives, which you control Meat Boy itself. You can also unlock different characters, with different attributes. You can unlock them by collecting Bandage Items which are placed throughout the levels. Some levels, such as Warp Zones and boss levels, are only played with specific characters.

                                                    First Boss Level. Run Meat Boy. RUN!

The game is great actually, it's just extremely difficult. The game doesn't lack sense of humor too. The only question is how they made such an extraordinary game. The bad part of it is dying alot. The game also motivates you to finish the game. You may play this to kill time. This game is great 'nuff said.



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