Sunday, January 29, 2012

-COMICS- Batman #5 Review

"Now... Please."
Okay. Guess who said that? I'll give you a clue: he's close to The Bat. Well? Still nothing? Fine. It's Damian. Yup. Lil' Damian said that. Who would've thought that spoiled brat would say that? Definitely not me.

'Batman #5' just hit the stores recently with its monthly schedule due at every third week of the month, if I'm not mistaken. And so far, the arc hasn't disappointed me, unlike some of the titles that I'm currently reading.

Ever since the New 52 started, 'Batman' has been on mind and I ordered it right away. Tony Daniel, the previous writer of 'Batman' (pre-New  52/DCnU), switched places with Scott Snyder, previous writer of 'Detective Comics' (pre-New52/DCnU), so that leaves Daniel with 'Detective Comics' and Snyder with 'Batman'. I have to say, wherever Snyder may go, he never fails to bring a very eye-catching, mind-boggling story. To prove this, he's written the last arc of 'Detective Comics' (pre-New 52/DCnU) so well, it made me think about the last page too hard! Yeah, that's how good Snyder is. Not to mention, he also wrote 'American Vampire', which I have yet to read. The script in this issue shows Bruce's drama and his will to survive. Every corner, you will see Bruce pleading in desperation or him fighting back the Court of Owls. Never will you see Batman in this situation, not at least the way Snyder does it. But wait a minute, Bruce isn't the only one in despair. There's Jim Gordon pleading for The Bat's help, and Damian, searching for his father. Snyder, in my opinion, has done Damian better than anyone else that I have read. In this issue, you will see Batman's true strength and willpower to destroy the Court of Owls; the reason for everything that has happened in his life... at least that's what The Bat thinks.

But it's not all about Scott Snyder. We  also have Greg Capullo as the artist of 'Batman'. Out of all the titles I'm currently reading, Greg Capullo and Jim Lee are my favorite artists. Capullo has a style that captures my eye so much, I just want to stare at his art. His version of Batman is so dark, yet looks cartoon-ish, but very satisfying. I completely adore the way he makes Bruce crawl in desperation and plead for focus. It shows just how weak and human The Bat really is, especially at the second-to-the-last page. You can clearly see how beaten up The Bat is, with the rips and tears in the Batsuit (which is practically indestructible, if you ask me). Oh, and another thing. Thomas and Martha. Wow. The art of Thomas and Martha in this one's great. You see them really old, and when they have a "family reunion", they suddenly phase out into a owl-like monster which freaks the hell out of Batman, and then he "wakes up" from his "nightmare". And the way they twist the pages. It actually brings you into the comic, like you're experiencing what Bruce is experiencing! If I have one thing to say, it'd be this: "Greg Capullo, keep up the damn good work! I am eternally a fan of yours!"

 Long story short, 'Batman #5' is the best issue I have read in a long time. And do I mean long. Really, really long. I can't wait for the next issues, and find out how Batman takes back Gotham City, his city, his home. Gotham belongs to Batman, and no one else.

-Mikey McMike

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