Sunday, January 29, 2012

-MANGA- Kimi no Iru Machi (A Town Where You Live) Review

Whats up people? Crimson Guitar here for a review on a manga. This review is about a manga series entitled Kimi no Iru Machi or A Town Where You Live in its English translaltion. For all the readers of manga out there that has a very tight grasp on romance, this is a must-read manga for its interesting plot and a number of very unexpected twists and turns.

The story primarily revolves on two of its main characters, Haruto Kirishima, a self-conscious teenager, and Yuzuki Eba, an extroverted teenage girl. Yuzuki moved from Tokyo to his father's rural hometown in Hiroshima Perfecture. Having Haruto's father an acquaintance with Yuzuki's father, the Kirishima family has taken care of Yuzuki into their home. Haruto is not keen of the situation because he believes that Yuzuki who is a complete stranger, a girl at the same age as his, who is not a relative, and living under one roof will make complications for him. The misunderstanding that he wants to avoid most is that people to think of them as a couple because he already likes one of his classmates, Nanami Kanzaki. The only problem is that Yuzuki has romantic feelings for Haruto and is not timid in pursuing a relationship with him.
 For me, this manga really catches the attention of the readers mainly because of the story's twists which will make you continue on reading because of its unpredictable reasons on how the story will advance. Another thing that catches my interest is that the romance genre of the series is blended with comedy and a little twist of 'ecchi'-ness (search for the meaning of this term to avoid wrong ideas :D) that sets the mood of readers. Also, with its author Seo Kouji using semi-realistic drawings and a lot of chibi drawings for this manga, it perfectly fits the genre of the story.

I'm not a really big fan of romantic stories, this had me going for them. To sum this up, Kimi no Iru Machi is a great start-off for those people who loves romance and comedy. :D

Overall Rating: 8.5

-Crimson Guitar

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