Saturday, January 28, 2012

-GAMES- Minecraft

Okay, what's up? This is Ruich checking in for my first review on a game. A review about Minecraft. Yeah, yeah I know; everyone knows about Minecraft. But just in case you've never heard of...wait who cares if you've never heard of it or not, I'll just do a review on Minecraft 1.1.

Since its Beta release, Minecraft has become a gaming sensation for both hardcore and hobby gamers. Notch and his team have created Mojang; an independent game producer to back up the Minecraft project. Since then, Mincecraft has changed lives, ruined lives, or occasionally did nothing. But don't take it as a bad thing, Minecraft is Minecraft. But fuck it, Notch might be God's best creation in the world of gaming.

So, Minecraft is basically a game- a never ending sandbox FPS that practically lets you do anything under the game's destroy and create play style.

Okaay. I've been putting to much time on the introduction stuff that I might have drifted off the topic. Alright, what is new about Minecraft 1.1? Well, it's still addicting as ever with a lot of new items on the list. Aside from the new items, what I've recognized while playing in Creative Mode was the eggs. From those oval spheres of genetics, you can spawn mobs like pigs, squids and the like. Hell, you can even spawn Creepers! (and I made an army of them) But what interested me the most was an egg named "Spawn Villager". Basically, villagers are a bunch of harmless mobs that doesn't do much. But they might be of some use. We'll find out.

Minecraft 1.1 has new and interesting Title Menu phrases, and a very slick language option system.

So that's basically it. It's not much but dont think that this is the last Minecraft article around here. I'll get you guys some new intel next time. Peace!


PS. Beware of Creepers!

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