Monday, January 30, 2012

-GAME (MMORPG)- Tales Of Pirates review

Hello guys, this is a review of 'Tales of Pirates', a fantasy 3D MMORPG published by IGG.

'Tales of Pirates' is a simple game to pick up and also simple to  play, but also has plenty of content to keep you coming and the game's setting is played at land and at sea.

New players choose one of the four characters: Ami, Lance, Phyllis or Carsise. When you reach level 10, you can select from four beginner classes. A certain character has a certain class. These are:

Explorer- Ami, Lance, Phyllis
Hunter- Lance, Phyllis
Herbalist- Ami, Phyllis
Swordsman- Lance, Carsise

Players have 5 stats in the game:

Con- Hp and Defense
Acc- Hit Rate
Agi – Attack Speed and Dodge Rate
Spr- Mana Points and Magic Damage

Players receive 2 stat points per level. Players can advance their class when they reach level 40. The following advances are:

-Explorers to a Voyager.
-Hunters to a Sharpshooter.
-Herbalists to a Cleric or a Seal Master.
-Swordsmen for Lance to a Crusader.
-Swordsmen for Carsise to a Champion.

After making a character you will choose from 3 starting cities which could either be Argent city, Shaitan City, or Icicle Castle.

'Tales of Pirates' is an awesome game because of Bosses and the PvP system. The cool thing about bosses is that you can't kill them by yourself, because you will always have the need for friends, guildmates, or other players to help you because the battles in this game are very challenging.

What I like about Tales of Pirates is the PvP system. You can have PvP battle in a certain area, which is like dueling with a single player, or using the party vs. party mode. When you are fight another player, you will be transported to an arena. When dueling, the first one to kill his/her opponent wins, in  Party vs Party mode the parties must kill all the members of the opposing party to win! There are maps and dungeons where you can get more experience, better loot of things, and equipment, but this zones are open PvP areas which is either on land or at sea. There are some maps which when you survive till the very end you’ll get a prize or a bonus if you call it.

If simple graphic styles and the pirate/sailing theme interests you, or you at least like PvP, give this game a try. 
-Dark Slayer
*edited by Blue Rose
*edited by Red Hood

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