Saturday, January 28, 2012

-GAME (MMORPG)-Atlantica Online Review

Hey guys, this is a review of the F2P MMORPG Atlantica online Developed by Ndoors

Atlantica Online is one of the best F2P mmorpg ever made, and it was voted as best MMORPG of 2008.

Atlantica Online is like a different planet when it comes to the MMORPG universe since it is a turn-based strategy tactical MMO, unlike other MMORPG which has the usual smash and hit combat style.

Players of Atlantica online has a good story line for them to enjoy the world. You play as an one of the descendants of the Atlantians and find the lost city of Atlantis! At first they get to pick their main class, as they  progress get to hire up to 8 mercenaries from specific NPCs found all over the game and some mercenaries are just walking around that you can hire having a total control of 9 characters! The great thing about the mercenary system is that it has tons of mercenaries so you could basically make infinite strategies to take down your opponent in PvE or PvP!

Atlantica Online's gameplay is excellent due to it's turn-based combat style where the enemy has its turn and you have your turn limited to 30 seconds and it also has amazing graphics and has awesome combat animations for every action you make during your turn in a battle!

So for all people who likes to use strategy or tactics when playing, try Atlantica online!

-Blue Rose

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